Make your bright smile stay awhile

Make your bright smile stay awhile

If poetry’s the food of love and love is the food of life, then coffee, wine and tea must be the drinks of life. We don’t make the rules — but we’re here to support you when the drinks of life stain your teeth.

If you’re a serial sipper, you may have noticed your smile staining over time. Though regular brushing, flossing and cleanings are the most important ways to keep your teeth healthy, sometimes it’s nice to help them stay their whitest and brightest. This is where whitening comes in.

It’s a simple and effective way to lift discoloration from your teeth. By using a bleaching agent, such as hydrogen peroxide, whiteners break down molecules that cause staining to restore your teeth to their natural, bright color. The key is to choose the right method and timing for you.

Timing your whitening

When it comes to the dazzling but temporary results of whitening, it’s all about timing. Have a special event coming up, an important presentation or even a job interview? A whiter smile doesn’t just add to your confidence — it pulls focus to the words you’re saying. 

That said, if you work from home or just want whiter teeth, that’s great, too!

Remember: teeth are snowflakes

  • They’re white
  • No two are the same
  • They’re easy to damage! 

Those last two are considerations DIY approaches to whitening don’t address enough. 

Whitening methods vary in effectiveness depending on the condition of your teeth. Success depends on factors like stain type and severity, the quality of your bleaching agent, the health of your teeth and their natural colour. The process isn’t one size fits all! And, because options also vary in price point, choosing the wrong approach can cost you extra. 

The professionals do it best

Beyond choosing an effective (and cost-effective) whitening option, there are risks to whitening. Incorrect or overuse of bleaching agents damages enamel and causes tooth sensitivity. 

Your dentist will support you by advising which option will work best for you. They’ll recommend a safe and effective process like in-office bleaching or take-home trays — minimizing the risks and maximizing benefits.

In conclusion

Want to brighten your day (and coming weeks) with some whiter teeth? A chat with your dentist is the best way to determine which method is right for you. 
Get the look you want in time for a special event, or give yourself a refresh to help fight stains over time. It starts with a visit to Merivale Dental!

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