Sedation dentistry Ottawa

We offer sedation dentistry in Ottawa to reduce anxiety and provide a relaxing, stress-free dental experience. Book a visit to find out the best treatment and sedation options for you.

Feel relaxed and calm in the dental chair

If you struggle with anxiety and dental phobias, sedation dentistry can help make your dental procedure as comfortable and pain-free as possible. 

Sedation dentistry involves administering a drug before or during a dental procedure to relax you. Aside from being a safe and reliable way to put you at ease in the dental chair, sedation dentistry provides many other benefits.

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    Benefits of sedation dentistry in Ottawa

    • Reduces dental fear and anxiety, so you can relax during your procedure.
    • Relieves stress and allows you to feel calm, as your dentist improves your smile.
    • Reduces pain, so you can leave behind your fear of visiting the dentist.
    • Saves you money by allowing your dentist to work faster and more efficiently.

    Our friendly Ottawa dentists are here to make your dental visit as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

    Types of sedation dentistry

    We use three main types of sedation dentistry to help manage pain and anxiety levels during dental procedures.

    Who needs sedation dentistry?

    Sedation dentistry is used for a variety of reasons, including:

    • Phobias of dental procedures
    • Patients with hypersensitivity
    • Special needs patients
    • Invasive and complex procedures
    • High anxiety levels
    • Past traumatic dental experiences

    Is sedation dentistry safe?

    At Merivale Dental Centre, your safety and peace of mind is our priority. We use sedation dentistry with care, tailoring the type of sedative and dosage to your needs. Our skilled and experienced Ottawa dentists also closely monitor your vital signs to ensure that you’re safe and comfortable throughout the procedure.

    Cost of sedation dentistry in Ottawa

    The cost of sedation dentistry depends on a few factors: your insurance coverage, the type of sedative used, and the duration of sedation. One thing to keep in mind is that your dentist may be able to perform several procedures at once while you’re sedated. This will save you the expense of multiple dental visits. 

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