Dental bone graft Ottawa

We offer dental bone grafts to support and maintain a healthy jaw and smile. Book a visit to find out if a bone graft is right for you.

Prevent bone loss and restore your smile

A dental bone graft is a simple and convenient procedure to replace lost bone and strengthen your jaw. Bone grafts also help your body regrow new bone, keeping your smile resilient and your facial structure intact.

At Merivale Dental Centre, we use sterilized bone material from a tissue bank, rather than harvesting it from elsewhere in your body. This allows us to perform dental bone grafts on site in our Ottawa dental office—no need for a trip to the hospital.

Why get a dental bone graft?

A dental bone graft may be needed to prevent jawbone loss after a tooth extraction.
There are several other reasons that a person may need a dental bone graft, including:

Benefits of a dental bone graft

  • Improves chewing and speech.
  • Supports a dental implant, crown, or denture.
  • Maintains facial bone structure.
  • Prevents pain and muscle dysfunction.
  • Prevents further bone and tissue loss.
  • Prevents nearby teeth from shifting.
  • Helps the body to regrow new bone.
  • Strengthens the jaw and teeth.

A bone graft is a minimally invasive procedure that can be done in our Ottawa dental office. We welcome new patients for dental bone grafts and any other dental concerns you may have.


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