Getting your wisdom teeth out?

Getting your wisdom teeth out?

Here’s some wisdom for pre and post op!

What comes with age, but can sometimes be a burden? If you’re thinking “wisdom,” you’re half right!

Making their debut sometime in our late teens or early twenties, our wisdom teeth are known to be troublemakers from time to time. Not everyone needs to have them removed (and some people are born without them!). But wisdom tooth extraction is a common procedure many of us will need once in our lives. 

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the pre- and post-op process — and give you some ideas to smooth your recovery, including delicious tooth-friendly recipes!

Let’s get started.

When do wisdom teeth need to be removed?

This can have to do with the available space in your mouth (or lack thereof). If your existing teeth will be significantly crowded when your wisdom teeth grow in, or if your wisdom teeth become impacted (and stay in your gums), they may need to come out. 

In these cases, removing them can prevent future discomfort, misalignment and even infection. Your dentist will be able to advise after a consultation what your best course of action will be!


Every set of wisdom teeth is different and will need different approaches to manage them.
During your consultation, your dentist or oral surgeon will examine your teeth and gums — and likely take X-rays. They’ll analyze the angle and position of your teeth, the potential for impaction, and your overall oral health. Finally, they’ll provide a recommendation for the best way forward for you.

Procedure prep

The day of your procedure, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. Some of these will depend on the anesthetic your surgeon will select, including:

  • Whether to eat breakfast before your procedure
  • Whether to arrange a ride home
  • Time needed in the recovery area


Depending on the number and positioning of your wisdom teeth needing removal, your surgeon may recommend local anesthetic, nitrous oxide, or a general anesthetic. Their choice will affect whether or not you are conscious during your procedure — and your amount of time needed in the recovery room (but of course, you’ll never feel any pain).


Time to carefully remove the wisdom teeth! This procedure is quite efficient, but its length may vary depending on the number of teeth you’re having removed and the complexity of their positioning. Individual teeth can take around 25 – 40 minutes to extract. Your surgeon will also determine in surgery whether stitches are needed. 

And, before you know it, you’re done!

Post-procedure care

After a quick trip to the recovery room while your anesthesia wears off, you’ll receive detailed aftercare instructions including recommendations for:

  • Pain management
  • Diet, and 
  • Post-procedure hygiene 

These will include information about keeping your extraction site clean — and ways to ensure it doesn’t get irritated. 

Recovery from wisdom teeth extraction typically takes a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the complexity of the extraction. During this time, stay hydrated (but avoid straws) and check in with your dentist for a follow-up appointment after your procedure. 

Now, with your health taken care of, it’s time to focus on your wellbeing and recovery! Which brings us to…

Tips for Home Recovery ?

Who says this part can’t be fun? ? (And relaxing, of course.)

Curl up on the couch with these tried-and-tested, post-wisdom-tooth-removal pastimes — and some tasty recipes!

Start a movie marathon

When else will you have the time? 

Set yourself up with a nostalgic series like Indiana Jones or Star Wars… whatever floats your boat! Or, go with a theme that suits your mood — from halloween or holiday movies to Jane Austen.

Of course, there are endless TV shows available, too. Really, the TV’s your oyster!

Begin that book series you’ve been meaning to

We all have one! And what could be more relaxing than a bed-time story? (Seeing as this time off is one big bed time.) 

Choose something light and entertaining — and don’t try to learn too much!

Do something meditative to keep your hands busy

If you’re feeling restless, take this rare time home to try something creative! Whether you’re doodling, knitting, playing an instrument, or journaling, these relaxing activities can support a restful recovery.

It has to be said — take naps when needed

Our bodies repair in sleep. Catch some Zs to speed up healing!

Need a snack that’s gentle on your gums?

These are some of our favorites:

Sip on a refreshing smoothie

Whatever fruit you have works! Mix it up with your favourite juice or milk option — or get fancy with some greek yogurt.

Try some soft salmon

If you’re craving a dinner that’s not of the liquid variety, this healthy baked salmon is good for your teeth — and soft on your gums.

Feast on frozen yogurt pops

If you don’t already have ice cream (or want something a little more healthy), give these fast frozen treats a try!

Soups, scrambles, mashes — oh my!

If it’s soft, you can’t go wrong. Here are some final ideas to leave you with:

Still have questions about getting your wisdom teeth removed?

Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to walk you through them: 343-308-0637

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