Tooth Extractions

Sometimes tooth trauma and damage is too great to repair. Some examples include:

  • Tooth fractures below the bone level.
  • Tooth decay that is serious enough to extend to the pulp, which contains sensitive nerves and blood vessels, where bacteria in the mouth can enter it causing an infection.

In either of these circumstances you would need a tooth extraction. Technological advancements have made a significantly positive impact on removing teeth. We are able to perform tooth extraction with ease and repair the extraction site with a bone graft. Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that is easily and most commonly used to replace missing bone in the jaw, allowing for excellent replacement options such as implants.

Indeed, removing a tooth can be a scary thought for many patients. However, the good news is that tooth extractions today are far less invasive and a lot easier to complete than they were in the past. With the help of sedation and anaesthetics, you will experience no discomfort during the procedure.

At Merivale Dental Centre, we pride ourselves on the expertise, experience and precise care that our team of dental professionals provide on a daily basis to our patients. We offer attentive and professional care, giving you a reliable option for tooth extraction and wisdom teeth removal in Ottawa.

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