Gum Grafts with AlloDerm

Healthy gum tissue forms a protective collar around a tooth preventing periodontal disease, tooth sensitivity and root decay. When gum tissue recedes, exposing the tooth’s root, sensitivity may result. A cavity on the root (root caries) may also develop because the softer root surface decays more readily than the enamel on the tooth’s crown. When minor gum recession is ignored, then the likelihood of further recession and bone loss becomes much more likely.

Gum grafts help create more tough gum tissue around the tooth in order to prevent recession from progressing and to help re-generate and re-establish healthy coverage of the exposed root. Retrieving tissue from the roof of the mouth is one way to graft; however this tends to cause unnecessary discomfort, increased risk of complications, and extended healing times. AlloDerm is an excellent alternative for successful gum grafting.

AlloDerm is obtained from a tissue bank. It is gum material that has been processed to remove all cells creating an inert regenerative tissue matrix. The only thing left after the processing, purification and sterilization treatment of the tissue is simply a framework or scaffold that allows your own gum to regenerate into the receded graft site. Over the first six months after the procedure, the Alloderm donor matrix is completely expelled from your body. During this time, your own gum takes over the site and replaces any donor material that was placed during the graft procedure. The procedure offers excellent reinforcement of the surrounding gum and a predictable natural cosmetic outcome, while avoiding pain and complications. AlloDerm has been widely used over the last few decades in the medical and dental fields for plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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