Emergency Services

A dental emergency can encompass many different types of injuries and ailments. If you are experiencing any dental emergency in Ottawa, give our clinic a call.

Ottawa Dental Emergency Situations
  • Broken teeth, which can expose extremely sensitive nerves and blood vessels causing intense pain
  • Lost or broken fillings, which may result in exposure of sensitive tissue
  • Foreign bodies lodged between your teeth (we’re not just talking about a pesky popcorn kernel)
  • Loss or damage of dental crowns
  • Infected gums surrounding your wisdom teeth
  • Severe and traumatic injuries to your lips and tongue (e.g. uncontrollable bleeding, deep cuts, punctures through facial skin)
  • Broken dentures

These are just some of the many situations that warrant emergency dental care. What is important to keep in mind when faced with any of these problems is that you should remain calm. No matter what is causing you pain, Merivale Dental Centre will attend to any Ottawa dental emergency in a professional and attentive manner. We understand that accidents can happen at any time and without warning, so we are here to give you peace of mind.

If you require emergency dental treatment for tooth pain, tooth fracture or tooth trauma contact us at 613-224-1393 for immediate attention to your needs. We also welcome new patients to use our emergency services, if you are seeking a new dentist or if your regular dental practice is closed. Evaluation of your emergency and prompt attention to treatment is our commitment to you.

Tooth pain from wisdom teeth, infection, fracture, or badly decayed teeth can be very painful. Quick and caring attention to alleviating your discomfort is essential. We will discuss your specific dental emergency and offer you treatment options to suit your individual needs. The most important aspect for us at Merivale Dental Centre is to relieve your dental pain as quickly as possible.

We are available for walk-in emergencies Monday to Thursday from 8am–5pm (Mondays till 8pm) and by appointment the rest of the week to suit your busy schedule.

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