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At Merivale Dental Centre, we pride ourselves on our exceptional patient care, which will be evident when you visit our clinic! Dr. Amy Saray is a dedicated and passionate dentist whose primary focus is to provide the highest possible care for every patient that walks through the door. Dr. Saray is fluently bilingual and has extensive experience treating both children and adults; in addition, she has worked in the high-pressure dental emergency field and she always does it with a compassionate touch. She is committed to continuing her education and expanding her already rich knowledge of dentistry.

With Dr. Saray as the lead dentist and our team of highly-trained and highly-skilled professionals, when you visit Merivale Dental Centre, you will feel at ease knowing that you are in good hands.

New faces are always welcome. We are happily accepting new patients, so if you are looking for a dentist in Ottawa, please give us a call at 613-224-1393 and we will be more than happy to get you started!

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